Sunday, 5 April 2015

Slice Of Life #30

Here is a tiny story ~
(it is really short)

There once was a girl.
who lived on a farm.
had 3 chickens.
2 horses.
1 dog.
and 5 cows.
and that is my story :D

Slice of Life #29

I have nothing to write about..

i have nothing to write about.
i truly have nothing to write about.
i could write about, the sea.
or maybe the color purple.
also, i could try, my favorite food.
i have nothing to write about.
so many ideas.
but.. still.
i have nothing to write about.
Maybe i should try,
or maybe my 5 pets.

Slice of Life #28

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇   Turtles ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ 

On my first day of spring break,
we arrive at the hotel.
we don't have that much time,
but decide to go snorkeling,
before it gets dark.
withen, 10 minutes,
my dad spots, a huge green
turtle. It was picking at 
a sea urchin. It was really
spiky, and i was surprised,
the turtle chose this to dine on.
it wasn't even afraid of us.
one of the dive masters told us,
they wouldn't be, because they have
been so nice to them, in the
past 10 years, so they aren't
afraid of humans.
it was truly spectacular.
and on the next 3 days of the trip,
we saw about 3 more.
i love sea turtles <3

Slice of life #27 - Fish

- Trigger fish -

This is a true story. Believe it or not,
It happened. Trust me. 
So. There i was. second day of spring
break, and already snorkeling. i love
the ocean, especially the fish. but i have
found a new enemy.. the trigger fish.
me and my mom were looking at the
colorful coral, and pointing to odd, or
cool things. My mask kept, ether bothering me,
or fogging up, so i decided to swim to 
shore for a bit.
as soon as i start to swim forward,
a see a large-ish shape moving rapidly
toward the right side of my face. I had to
dodge it quickly before it hit me.
i start to swim faster, and as i did,
i looked back, to see if it had gone.
turned out, three more had joined it,
and they were CHASING ME. 
i dash to shore, only to find, my mom calling
me back to look at something. I had about five seconds,
 to clean my mask, and get my flippers back on.
as i start to swim closer to the
coral reef, a see a line.
a line of trigger fish.
they were WATCHING ME.
i tried to swim around but they stared at me,
and moved where i wanted to go.
i headed back to shore,
and waited for my mom to finish.
when she came to shore,
Turns out she saw the most incredible thing.
an amazing purple fish, a octopus,
and 2 incredible starfish.
thanks trigger fish... -_-

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice Of Life #26 - Resilience

☂ ♔  Resilience ♔ 

Slice Of Life #25 - Memory

■ □ ▢   ▢ □ 

( a short-ish story)

Katie Stood. In the middle of a field.
Tall grass, up to her ankles, and forest all around.
a huge, oak tree in the middle.
animals, watching, from the distance.
She dance, all around the tree, and then a
long lost memory hit her, smack in the
She was in the same field.
same tree.
same ballerina shoes.
Dreams of being a dancer,
cartwheel, after cartwheel.
then she came back to reality.
jumped to her feet.
and went home.
She danced all the way home.
cartwheel, after cartwheel. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Slice Of Life #24

   My neck ✧  

during my gymnastics lesson, i felt a
small pain, in my neck. all of a sudden,
after doing a cartwheel, it broke loose.
Pain, scattered all around my right shoulder
and the right side of my neck.
I stayed in the nurses office, for about an
hour. it wasn't healing.
I went to humanities, with my head,
lolling to the side.
I am writing this now, in pain. I can't Move my head to 
the right anymore. I looked quite weird 
actually. All i can do is stay in this lop-sided 
position, and hope for the best.
The whole, rest of the class,
in agony. 

Me All Day Long :